Simmons Finally Appears in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Bob Chipman | 8 Oct 2014 12:00
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  • Even allowing for the "It's the Marvel Universe" curve, it will never not be curious that supposedly top-secret, ghost-like underground organizations like S.H.I.E.L.D. and HYDRA are so insistent on putting their insignia all over wherever they happen to be setting up shop. You have to wonder if there's a bunch of guys on both teams whose entire job is to lug a bunch of stencils from site to site.
  • The ex-S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Whitehall gradually brainwashes over the course of the episode is identified as "Agent 33." And Agent with that ID number exists in the comics as a one-time ally of Hercules (yes, both the Norse and Olympian pantheons of gods are "real" in the Marvel Universe), but it's unknown if Maya Stojan is playing this specific character or another... though having Marvel Hercules turn up as a character would be a fun way to do a Thor-ish episode without having to borrow Chris Hemsworth.
  • Also: Whitehall calls his brainwashing "The Faustus Method." HA! I was wondering when the good doctor's presence would start being felt. (Oh man, if they could only get Brian Blessed for that role...)
  • The business about May apparently being concerned with Skye needing to keep her anger in check is interesting. No, I don't think she's The She-Hulk (already a popular internet theory) -- it's interesting because May is aware that the serum that saved her life is also the serum that's making Coulson act funny about alien letters. This suggest that she has some idea of what uncontrolled anger will bring out in Skye and that it's not pretty.
  • Ward teases his foreknowledge of Skye's father again, this time to her face -- setting off that pulse-monitor thing -- which serves the purpose of keeping that plotline in play. But the more interesting element is the revelation that Ward's family (whom he'd always described as abusive as part of his backstory) is considered "beloved" by the public according to Skye -- a description he does not agree with. White Collar's Tim DeKay has been cast as a Senator Ward for later in the season (Grant's older brother, apparently) and while nothing else is known about the character, General Talbot talked about a wealthy senator in episode 2.

Bottom Line: Season 2 settles into its groove, but continues to feel strong.

Recommendation: Not a must-watch for non-fans, but fun and likely necessary for late story-payoffs.

Coulson and May are set to the classic spy-movie "Undercover at the Fancy Dress Ball" routine in search of a famous painting with alien writing on the back in I Will Face My Enemy.


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