Gotham Introduces Super Powers and the World's Greatest Detective

Mike Hoffman | 21 Oct 2014 21:45
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Viper: Don't do drugs, kids.

Let's get the biggest problem with "Viper" out of the way immediately: the people in Gotham City are still deeply dull (and more than a little stupid). When someone hands you a mysterious vial of green gas, don't immediately inhale it. When you hear that people are taking a new drug and dropping dead shortly after, don't do the drug. And Jim Gordon, buddy, maybe don't shoot the hose that is filled with Viper. You don't know if that stuff is flammable or how it disperses.

Getting past all that, the Viper plot is fun, even if the science is ridiculous. Viper burns the calcium in the bones of its users, giving them super-strength and a heavy craving for milk. After a while, their bones just turn to mush, which was gross to watch on screen, but it's awesome seeing Gordon and Bullock's reactions.

With no real way to deal with the drug and people popping up all over the city that are super-strong and a little crazy (Viper seems to do that, too), Bullock suggests letting the drug run its course. He smiles as he says the drug could result in the end of crime in Gotham City. While no one takes his suggestion seriously, no solution is ever found, so presumably everyone that took Viper did die. Man, this city sucks.

The man behind it all, a biochemist named Stan Potolski - whom Gordon and Bullock stop before he has a chance to poison a charity luncheon for Wayne Enterprises - gets blasted with Viper and just kind of disappears, but only after telling the detective duo to check out a warehouse.

The World's Youngest Detective.

After Falcone and Maroni got the Arkham deal from last episode (reminder: it's a big realty and development thing), Bruce is investigating why his parents' plan for Arkham fell through. Alfred is dismayed at all the files, folders, and paper spread around the room in which Bruce has set up shop, but the young Master Wayne actually reacts to his butler's concerns with more chill than he had before. The two have some nice scenes this episode where Bruce reacts to Alfred's complaints with some light humor and even takes the Alfred's advice to attend that charity luncheon. The visit is just to ask questions of the executives of Wayne Enterprises, but at least he's getting out of the house.

Honestly, the detective aspect works better for a young Bruce Wayne than the brooding and pain tolerance tests of previous episodes. So far Bruce has been closed off and had no real relationship with Alfred, but before the end of episode the butler even joins in on the research. Let's hope this direction of his story continues.

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