Gotham Introduces Super Powers and the World's Greatest Detective

Mike Hoffman | 21 Oct 2014 21:45
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Bruce's findings also come back to the Viper story. The drug was created by a subsidiary of Wayne Enterprises, but the project was apparently shut down when brought to the attention of some higher-ups by Stan. At some point, Stan was bounced out of the company and Venom (that's the same stuff Bane uses) became their new focus. Angry, Stan has taken his supply of the drug and begun distributing it, hoping to draw attention to the unethical practices of his former employers and Wayne Enterprises.

All of this creates a new focal point for the series. Bruce is beginning to realize that his family's company might be less altruistic than he thought and allowed Maroni and Falcone to take the Arkham deal. The revelation that Wayne was aware of Viper and Venom -- an employee was watching the warehouse Stan sent Gordon and Bullock to -- also raises some flags. It turns Wayne Enterprises into the force that ties everything together, which could have the same terrible effect as Oscorp does in the Amazing Spider-Man films.

Weekly Mob Update:

Remaining separate from the Viper plot, Cobblepot nearly dies trying to make his way up in the Maroni organization and Fish Mooney has some awkward moments with her secret weapon.

Attempting to ingratiate himself with Maroni, Cobblepot reveals that he has connections to help Maroni get revenge on Falcone for a robbery (that Cobblepot actually organized). After revealing his past with the Falcone family, Maroni does not react happily. He pulls in Gordon to confirm Cobblepot's story, and while we all know Gotham isn't about to kill off its stars, it's still an intense scene. Credit goes to David Zayas (Dexter's Angel Batista) for carrying on with anger, threats, and violence with a friendly smile on his face.

Mooney is still "training" Liza as her "secret weapon" to take down Falcone. Yes, she actually calls her "secret weapon" and the scenes between the two feel incredibly forced and awkward, but it looks like we're past that. The episode closes with Liza approaching Falcone and the two of them do the hipster thing where they share headphones while listening to music. Because of Mooney's training, it feels like anyone could see what's going to happen with Liza. Ideally, that subplot will take a sudden turn soon, because right now it just feels like Mooney is constantly shoving "secret weapon" in viewers' faces.

Bottom Line: A much better showing for Gotham that improves on a few of the show's weaker characters and does pretty well to avoid the eye-roll inducing dialogue of earlier episodes.

Recommendation: While the show isn't consistent, this is one of the episodes to watch.



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