Legend of Korra: Meelo, Please Stop Talking

Mike Hoffman | 25 Oct 2014 18:00
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Mostly filler, "The Calling" sees the airbending kids go an an adventure just like their grandpa Aang.

With the world political state in turmoil after last week's "The Coronation", Tenzin has sent his airbending children Jinora, Ikki, and Meelo to find Avatar Korra. While largely a filler episode - most of its content is entirely extraneous to the series - there's something charming about watching the grandchildren of Avatar Aang go on their own journey. The downside, however, is learning the hard way that Meelo is only fun in small doses.

The episode also addresses Korra's struggle to resolve her emotional and physical trauma resulting from her confrontations with Zaheer last season, as well as the antagonists from the first two seasons. It's been three years of healing for Korra, and four episodes for viewers, and with only nine episodes left in the series, the show may need to start getting into its final conflict soon. There are some concerns (and praise) for the Korra scenes in this episode, which are after the spoiler warning below.

"The Calling" gets props for its music, as the series often does. The theme that has played during Korra's more important sequences this season has been perfect, and at this point just hearing it can stir up an emotional reaction. The heavy moments in Book Four are really landing, and the music is a huge part of that.

As mentioned earlier, Meelo is not fantastic in this episode, which is kind of bad because he has the majority of the dialogue (or maybe it just feels like that). He's had a few ridiculous moments throughout Legend of Korra, and as silly as they might have been, he's been a lovably goofy and occasionally badass character. Apparently Meelo a few times in a season is great, but ten minutes of his attitude in a single episode gets annoying very quickly. Sure, it's all appropriate to the character, but he's still annoying to watch after just a few lines.

Ultimately it's forgivable though. As stated earlier, there are only nine episodes left in Legend of Korra. With a global conflict to resolve, the rest of Korra's character development, and giving the series a proper send off, this episode could be the last one to feature the kids heavily. It's nice to see them go on a little journey all on their own, and even if Meelo was aggravating in this episode, he'll be missed after the end of the series.

Episodes of Legend of Korra: Book Four are released on Nick's website on Friday mornings, with both of the previous episodes available to view now. The first two seasons are available on Amazon, with Book Three on Vudu.

Spoilers follow.

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