Legend of Korra: "We're Putting the Band Back Together"

Mike Hoffman | 16 Nov 2014 14:40
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Korra reunites with Asami and Mako for one last show.

After the "Battle of Zaofu," Korra heads back to Republic City and meets up with her old friends, Mako and Asami, while Bolin and Varrick make their way out of Kuvira's Earth Empire.

"Reunion" is a simple episode, which helps to pace the major moments of the season. The main story of the episode wraps up with a lesson, giving this episode the feeling it was meant more for the younger Legend of Korra audience. Dedicating nearly half the episode to the comedic relationship between Bolin and Varrick definitely contributes to this being one of the lighter episodes of the season.

This doesn't mean the episode is entirely without significance. Korra uses one of her new skills to resolve the episode's conflict, plus she has an awesome new Water Tribe style outfit. Prince Wu's plot has been inched along and hopefully he will remain tucked away for the remainder of the season. Also, "Reunion" has a huge development at the end that hints at something exciting in the coming episodes. There are no brakes on this hype train now.

The action in Republic City is limited to a few bending moves and a short car chase, but out in the Earth Empire, Bolin shows off what he is capable of doing with earth and lavabending. None of what we see is brand new, but Bolin is able to hold his own against unfavorable odds and it's a blast to watch. Most rewarding is that both he and Varrick get to do what matters most to them both: helping people and science, respectively.

Like I said, it's a fairly straightforward episode that is perfectly enjoyable. Any further discussion will head into spoiler territory, so if you want to watch the episode first, head over to Nick's website, where new episodes of Legend of Korra: Book Four are released on Friday mornings. All of the previous episodes available to view there, and the first two seasons are available on Amazon, with Book Three on Vudu.

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