Gotham Believes in Harvey Dent; Do You?

Mike Hoffman | 18 Nov 2014 19:35
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He's no Billy Dee Williams, but Gotham's version of Harvey Dent makes his entrance.

It's too early to tell how well Gotham's interpretation of Harvey Dent will play out, but there's potential here to tell a great story... That is if the show can downplay the coin flipping and dichotomous personality of the character.

The episode named "Harvey Dent" is surprisingly lacking in screen time for the character himself. Dent is introduced as the only lawyer Gordon can trust to handle new evidence in the Wayne murder case. More of the episode is spent handling that new evidence: Selina Kyle, who witnessed the murder.

Camren Bicondova, Kyle's actress, isn't the most believable as a rough kid from the streets and the character falls into some super clichéd dialogue. Luckily, we finally get to see Kyle do something (in a series that opened with her), and it's surprisingly satisfying, if a little juvenile.

The Criminal of the Week story has a few twists in it, and while most of them are predictable, it builds on the narrative of the seasonal arc. At its best, it's a clever story about a somewhat compelling character, and at its worst it's mildly predictable. As far as one-off stories for Gotham go, this counts as one of the better tales.

If you've been keeping up with our reviews for Gotham, you may have noticed that for the most part, they've been rather negative. And it doesn't look like the clichéd dialogue and questionable character choices (or Barbara Kean) are going to ease up anytime soon. We're still watching and enjoying Gotham, flaws and all, so rather than being highly critical of the show, from now on these reviews will be a little more forgiving. Don't worry though, if something truly dreadful happens, we'll call Gotham out on it. However, review scores will stay consistent with earlier reviews.

We're about to head into spoiler territory, so if you are averse to those, you might want to go watch the episode on Fox's website or Hulu.

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