The Walking Dead "Crossed": Hurry Up And Wait

Ross Lincoln | 24 Nov 2014 03:00
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Meanwhile, Eugene Porter, Rosita, Abraham, Tara, Glenn and Maggie remain where they were immediately following Eugene's admission that he isn't actually a scientist working on a cure for the zombie menace, and his subsequent nearly fatal beating by an enraged Abraham.

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Eugene remains unconscious, the others trying to revive him by pouring what little water they have on his face. This doesn't work, and we soon learn the firetruck they were driving around in is nearly out of water. So Glenn, Rosita and Tara set out to find another source of precious aqua pura leaving Maggie behind to tend to a possibly dying Eugene and a nearly-catatonic Abraham.

Glenn, Rosita and Tara mainly talk about Eugene, the impact of his deceptions, and also his worth to the group. Rosita dismisses him as useless, especially now that it's turned out he isn't actually on a mission to save the world. Tara defends him, pointing out that like them, he was doing everything he could to survive by the only means available to him. "Eugene wasn't strong, he wasn't fast, he didn't know how to use a weapon," Tara says. "He had one skill that kept him living. Were we supposed to be mad because he used it?" "Damn right" says Glenn with disgust.

However, as they make their way along a creek overgrown with algae, Rosita uses an empty plastic bottle and an enormous amount of creek sludge to create a makeshift water filter through which they can strain out enough water to boil and make drinkable. She then reveals that Eugene taught her how to do it, the first acknowledgement that he actually did have useful abilities. She soon explains how she first came to meet Abraham and Eugene, how they asked for her help on their "mission", the first time anyone had done that since the apocalypse began. It's clear she's coming around to forgiving Eugene, as is Glenn to a lesser extent. After catching some fish and more water, Rosita confirms to Glenn that she intends to stay with his group even without any kind of mission. Heartwarming nontraditional family achieved!

Abe, meanwhile, has gone full-tilt Cameron Frye, sitting blankly in the road, refusing to speak to anyone. Before setting off for water, Rosita tries giving some of their dwindling supply to him, but he violently swipes it out of her hand and stands up as though he's going to attack her the way he attacked Eugene. Maggie steps in, gun drawn, and tells Abraham to sit down, "or I'll put you down". Abe appears to consider this offer carefully, but ultimately opts to glumly sit down on the road to resume his taciturn emotional breakdown.

After creating a shelter from the sun for poor Eugene, Maggie attempts to reach out to Abe again, berating him for giving up. Later however, she sits down, offers Abe water again, and asks him point blank, "did you want me to shoot you?". "I thought I did," Abe says, "but I didn't". As if on cue, Eugene finally makes a noise and Maggie runs over to tend to him. Abe chooses that moment to reach for the bottle of water and begins to stand up.

We spend little time at Grady Memorial Hospital, where Beth remains a captive of the creepy rape cops, along with an unconscious and critically injured Carol (who was wheeled in on a gurney the last time we checked in with Beth).

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The time spent here largely serves to demonstrate just how precarious things are for Dawn, the leader of the rape cops. Having finally accepted that her group have all but turned into monsters, she is more importantly keenly aware of how tenuous her authority over them has become. Beth, having checked in on a still-unconscious Carol, walks in on Dawn and one of her rape cops discussing the waste of electricity resulting from the life support equipment Carol currently enjoys. Rape cop is adamant that they ought to cut their losses, though Dawn is, slightly to her credit, reluctant to cut the cord just yet, suggesting they give her another day.

Beth cocks things up when she interrupts them to fling rape cop's hypocrisy in his face - he keeps his DVD player hooked up to the hospital's electricity without any concern about wasted resources. This prompts a clearly terrified Dawn to order Carol immediately taken off life support. However, once rape cop leaves the room, Dawn explains to Beth that it was either agree to kill Carol or lose control of everything. She then gives Beth the key to the hospital's medicine supply, revealing she has never done this, and bids her to go save Carol herself. "Why are you doing this?" asks Beth. "I thought you were weak. You're not" is all Dawn will tell her.

After a quick consultation with Doctor Edwards to find out what medicine might save Carol, she delivers the medicine to Carol and begins the waiting game. Carol may or may not survive, but Beth knows she may have an unlikely ally should shit hit the fan. As it clearly must, because Rick and the others are in town ready to demonstrate to Grady's fascist cops that they are indeed screwing with the wrong people.

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