The Kids Aren't Alright in Gotham

Mike Hoffman | 25 Nov 2014 21:30
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Bruce Wayne on the rooftops of Gotham.

Bruce and Selina get the most screen time this week with the duo running from assassins with an unknown employer. After their somewhat-painful-to-watch dialogue ("Do you want to kiss me?" So, we're still doing that line?) the assassins attack, but are disrupted by Alfred and the kids make their escape.

Once in Gotham City, the pair cross paths with Pamela Isley Ivy Pepper, whose father was killed in the first episode and mother has taken her own life since. Ivy had little impact in earlier episodes, but her 13-year-old actress Clare Foley is actually pretty great in her role. Ivy is obviously unstable, but she's together (and even amicable) enough to be a little frightening. Not sure how the controlling plants thing will play out (if it does) but I look forward to seeing what happens with her.

We also get to see Bruce on the rooftops of Gotham City for the first time, successfully making a jump from one to another (with Kyle's help on the landing). It's another inverse nostalgia moment for Gotham, and while the show throws in about one per episode, this is one of the better examples.

An awkward dinner at Falcone's

Carmine Falcone isn't happy at his personal money getting stolen and blown up in last week's "Harvey Dent." After interrogating Penguin (let's all applaud Falcone for actually turning a suspicious eye on the known betrayer, Cobblepot), he has some of his top people over for a nice Italian dinner... although it must have been a little uncomfortable continuing the dinner after Falcone killed the man responsible for keeping the money secure.

While "Penguin's Umbrella" showed us a Falone that is in control of everything, "LoveCraft" illustrated that the mob boss is starting to feel the pressure of Fish Mooney's "secret" campaign against him. This might be the most hands-on we've seen him when it comes to his business, and increasing his taxes on his underlings might be more harmful than he thinks.

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