The Kids Aren't Alright in Gotham

Mike Hoffman | 25 Nov 2014 21:30
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Alfred Pennyworth: Badass

After fighting off the assassins sent to kill Selina Kyle, Alfred joins Bullock on the hunt for the children. Sure, it's completely improbable that a detective would bring the butler along, but this is Gotham, so we'll just sit back and enjoy the ride -- and it is enjoyable.

Alfred proves himself repeatedly in this episode. He throws down with professional killers, lands a fairly difficult shot after taking a bullet himself, and persuades Mooney to give up information just by being a smooth talker. Alfred, it turns out, can be persuasive just as much as he can apply force. This has been a fantastic interpretation of the character, even if he hasn't been the best person at times.

Bullock and Pennyworth working together functions surprisingly well. Once again, completely unrealistic, but it's surprisingly entertaining.

Gordon's out.

After LoveCraft is killed with Gordon's gun (yeah, he was introduced just long enough to hint at a bigger player and then die), Mayor James uses the opportunity to take Gordon out of the GCPD. It's not clear how that works, but apparently the mayor can reassign a detective to security duty at Arkham Asylum.

Gordon's placement at Arkham puts him in the position to learn more about the conspiracy surrounding the Wayne murders. That incident, which started the series events, was centered around the deal that allowed Arkham to reopen, but we're not sure how. His new position also gives Gotham the opportunity to explore the themes of mental instability so common in the Batman universe.

Of course, if Gordon rejoins the GCPD proper after the midseason hiatus, it wouldn't be too surprising. Gotham may choose to return to the status quo after Gordon spends a little time messing around in Arkham Asylum.

If he is reinstated as a detective, at least we'll get to see more of him and Bullock working on the same side, something we definitely haven't seen enough of. Of course, maybe we could just watch Bullock and Pennyworth solving crimes. I'd watch that show.

Bottom line: "LoveCraft" isn't as intense as some midseason finales, but that may be for the best, because it's a solid episode that leaves plenty to look forward to. Hopefully this is the kind of quality Gotham can pull off consistently when it returns.

Recommendation: A surprisingly good jumping on point for new viewers. If the earlier weaker episodes put you off, this might be the episode to get you back on board.



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