Legend of Korra: The Beifong Bunch

Mike Hoffman | 6 Dec 2014 19:45
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It's Beifongs saving Beifongs in this perfectly executed episode.

"Operation Beifong" is another fantastic episode from Legend of Korra's Book Four with lots of humor, great character moments, and the best fight sequence of the season. Other than that, there's not much that can be said without spoiling moments from earlier in the season (if you're not caught up). Since that's the case, we're just going to go ahead and dive fully into the episode.

Episodes of Legend of Korra: Book Four are released on Nick's website on Friday mornings, with all of the previous episodes available to view now. The first two seasons are available on Amazon, with Book Three on Vudu.

Spoiler warning is in effect.

"Operation Beifong" picks up where last week's "Beyond the Wilds" left off. Opal, Lin Beifong, and Bolin head to Zaofu to rescue all the other Beifongs held captive by Kuvira, who is testing the spirit vine super-weapon Varrick started. Meanwhile, in order to prepare for Kuvira's attack, Korra seeks help from the spirits themselves.

The rescue operation itself actually goes pretty well and has a couple extra moments to push the season's story along. On the way, we're treated to an amazing fight between Kuvira and Suyin, tons of humor (thanks to Bolin, Toph, and Lin), and some answers to questions that were never really important for the series, but have been bugging fans for a while.

Those answers center around Toph Beifong. While Toph playing Yoda to a recovering Korra was fantastic, it wasn't the treatment anticipated for the return of the mother of Lin and Suyin. "Operation Beifong" delivers on meeting some of those expectations, while further characterizing Toph - as fun as she is to watch - as actually a pretty terrible mother.

Family Matters

At the end of last episode, Lin, Opal, and Bolin left to save the Beifong family. In "Operation Beifong," they are joined by Toph, who has kept her eye feet on the Kuvira situation. Opal is happy to see her grandmother and Bolin geeks out over seeing his hero, but Lin is short and detached with her mother. They offer each other a simple, "Hey chief."

The night before the big jailbreak, Toph and Lin finally have it out, thanks to a little prodding by Bolin. After he asks who Lin's father is (something fans have been questioning since Lin's introduction in the first season), Toph casually responds that it was just some guy named Kanto she never stayed with. It's the perfect awkward family dinner, ending with Lin saying she wants nothing to do with Toph after the mission.

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