Legend of Korra: A Fantastic Finale With a Perfect Ending

Mike Hoffman | 19 Dec 2014 23:00
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"Korrasami is Canon!"

Tweets, Facebook statues, tumblr tags, and forum thread titles across the web have proudly made the above declaration. Given that #LegendofKorraFinale was trending (on and off) in the US even twelve hours after the episodes released online, commentary is likely to come out of media that doesn't even cover stuff like Korra. It's fantastic this conversation is happening and networks might start to feel more comfortable exploring LGBTQ representation in children's media.

To recap, throughout the series, Korra's romantic interests haven't remained in the spotlight as much as Aang's did in ATLA, especially after Book Two of Korra. She was in a relationship with Mako early on, who has been similarly involved with Asami Sato. Some fans have interpreted romantic undertones in the interactions between Korra and Asami since the first season (disclaimer: this reviewer is among them). However, as the series approached its end, the common expectation was that Korra and Mako would end up together. After all, the hero has to end up with someone, right? And neither Nick nor the showrunners would be brave enough to pair up Korra and Asami.

Apparently, they were up to the challenge. The series ends with Korra and Asami holding hands and walking into the spirit world, and turning to look into each others' eyes before the camera pans away. There are already plenty of debates going on about whether this was a romantic or platonic moment, but that's not a conversation happening in this review. Feel free to do so (politely) in the comments.

What is worth exploring is the implications for the narrative. As satisfying as it was to see the couple come together in the end, it does, in a way, come out of left field. Korra and Asami's romantic relationships have not been a matter of importance for two seasons (over three years in the show). The pairing works rather well thematically, though. The show always examined the spiritual world and advances of technology and seeing two leaders of those worlds walk away together hand in hand may be one of the better examples of Book Four's title, "Balance."

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