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Matthew Parkinson | 19 Jun 2015 12:00
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It's the perfect example of a "family" film - something where any potential audience member, regardless of age, can benefit from watching it.

In addition, Inside Out has the best world-building we've seen since John Wick, contains as much visual creativity as The Lego Movie, is hilarious from start to finish, is gorgeously animated, and, perhaps appropriately, is an emotionally compelling tale. You may hear some sniffling if you see Inside Out at the cinema, and it'll likely be coming from the adults in the crowd - particularly those who have children of their own.

There are so many moments of brilliance to be found within Inside Out. One could probably compile a top 10 list of small moments that don't even impact on the plot - simple comments that are both hilarious and poignant, or perhaps an action that happens in the background that adds to the setting or the aforementioned world-building. There's a small quip about facts and opinions, for example, that is hysterical, and it just randomly happens, takes up less than ten seconds of time, and then we move on.

Animated films often get the biggest actors possible to voice their characters so that we'll ignore their problems and just focus on it being so cool that Angelina Jolie is voicing a tiger! Pixar sometimes gets big names, but they always fit the characters. The biggest name in the film might be Amy Poehler, here giving Joy such an enthusiasm that you can't help but root for her. Phyllis Smith plays Sadness about as well as you'd expect - which means she did it really well. Bill Hader fits Fear, Lewis Black is hilarious as Anger, and Mindy Kaling brings attitude to Disgust. Each of the actors fits their character perfectly - after seeing the film, it's hard to imagine anyone else playing them.

When the phrase "one of Pixar's best" gets uttered, you know you're looking at a pretty special movie. Inside Out is, indeed, pretty special. It's an original, interesting, funny, and often heartbreaking movie that looks into the mind of an 11-year-old, and does so with so much chaos and sophistication that it probably shouldn't even work - and yet it does, and it does so with such imagination and beauty that fills every frame. This is what a family movie should look like.

Bottom Line: Endlessly imaginative and entertaining, Inside Out is Pixar's best movie in a while, and possibly the studio's best film to-date.

Recommendation: Everyone should see Inside Out.


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