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WWE Survivor Series 2015 - The 25th Anniversary of The Undertaker

Matthew Parkinson | 23 Nov 2015 05:00
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WWE World Heavyweight Championship Tournament Match (Semifinals)

Dean Ambrose
Kevin Owens

The Story: After Seth Rollins injured his knee during a WWE live event, the WWE World Heavyweight Championship had to be vacated. To determine who would win, a tournament was announced, with a grand total of 16 participants competing over the course of a couple of weeks. All but the semifinals and finals have already taken place, with all three of those matches scheduled for Survivor Series.

To get to this point, Dean Ambrose defeated Tyler Breeze and Dolph Ziggler, two men who are feuding with each other and have a match together later on in the show. Kevin Owens, meanwhile, defeated Titus O'Neil and Neville, two men who competed on the pre-show.

The Match: Despite the most obvious route of having Dean Ambrose win and having two former teammates and current friends face off in the finals, there did feel like a legitimate shot for Kevin Owens to pick up the victory. As a result, most of the match's near-falls had a sense of suspense to them. You could realistically see Kevin Owens picking up the victory, especially if you feel like Reigns is winning and needs another incredibly competitive match in order to get over with the fans.

Owens and Ambrose are two of the best workers in the company right now, and, as a result, deliver the Match of the Night. Owens turns in the showier performance of the two, getting to hit a few moves we don't see too often, like a TKO, a diving moonsault(!), and a fisherman buster suplex(!!). Ambrose plays the gritty, never-give-up character, taking most of the punishment before coming back to pick up the win with Dirty Deeds.

The Winner: Dean Ambrose

Aftermath: Like the other semifinals match, what happens next is pretty obvious. Dean Ambrose gets to have another bout tonight, facing off against Roman Reigns in the finals. Meanwhile, Kevin Owens holds the Intercontinental Championship, another midcard belt, meaning whoever steps up to be the number one contender will feud with him. The result, once again, was the most logical, although both men would have come away looking strong regardless of who picked up the win.

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