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WWE Survivor Series 2015 - The 25th Anniversary of The Undertaker

Matthew Parkinson | 23 Nov 2015 05:00
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WWE Divas Championship Match


The Story: After Charlotte was called up to the main roster, she quickly formed a team with Paige and Becky Lynch. But Paige and Charlotte soon became at odds with one another. When Charlotte won the Divas Championship, Paige turned on her, and the two have been feuding ever since. Charlotte is the fighting champion, while Paige is the backstabbing friend, using various tactics to try to get in the head of her former friend.

The Match: A personal and hard-hitting match, Charlotte and Paige gave it their all in a match that, prior to the "Divas Revolution," would have otherwise been used as filler. There were a couple of memorable spots - and one that would have been memorable if Charlotte's spear didn't look awful - some decent technical wrestling, and no outside interference, which is always a concern when you're trying to push something around nine competitors all at once. Charlotte isn't particularly polished in the ring, but she is superbly athletic. Paige is more polished, and is a good ring leader. All in all, it's one of the better matches of a weak card. Charlotte retains her title with the Figure Eight.

The Winner: Charlotte

Aftermath: One of the disappointing aspects of this bout was how decisive a victory it feels for Charlotte, who silences her former friend and biggest critic rather easily, leaving little room for this feud to continue after. Charlotte will find a new competitor for her championship - one has to think that current friend Becky Lynch has to be in line soon, as does Sasha Banks, who is the best overall Diva in the company - so if the feud ends, she'll be fine. As for Paige? She's the only true heel in the division, so she shouldn't have trouble finding a direction. But this is the WWE, and it historically struggles to know what to do with its Divas. Paige could feud with Becky Lynch, too, or move onto almost literally anyone else. But will the company come up with a good story in either case? I have my doubts.

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