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24 Recap: 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Philip Harris | 3 Jun 2014 23:30
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While all this is going down at one of the infinite abandoned, scary warehouses in London, Margot Al-Harazi has more problems of her own. Naveed, the son-in-law she's just killed, has a sister, and the sister may be on to her plot. Ever trying to win back her daughter's loyalty and obedience, Margot instructs Simone to find out what Naveed's sister knows and to kill her if necessary. This is where Simone starts to crack. Just how far is she willing to go for her beliefs? She's killed a man while he was taking a leak in a public restroom, betrayed her husband, and then watched said husband get shot on her mother's orders all within the space of five hours. I can only imagine that the theoretical planning of the drone attack was far more romantic and exciting than the grisly requirements of the task itself. Margot doesn't care. Revenge is her white whale, and nothing, not even her own children, will stop her.

The British government, not fully comprehending the concept of "undercover," take matters into their own hands when they see that Kate has been drugged at the request of Jack Bauer. They almost botch Chloe's chance at getting the essential information for catching Margot Al-Harazi, but of course Jack (who is looking a little Botox'd in this episode) saves the day by pressing enter at the last moment. The information reveals a phone number, which means a phone, which means Chloe can trace it. Chloe, like a wizard in a control tower, manages all from the semi-safety of her own abandoned, scary warehouse, making complicated requests appear out of thin air. She's clearly Jack's only ally, and this has me wondering why her and Jack's relationship hasn't been explored since the beginning of the season. Now, they've definitely got their hands full, but I want to see some development on that front soon. They deserve to be trusted by each other.

Trust is coming up a lot in the episode. Maybe the reason Jack and Chloe will always remain distant, why Jack is truly distant from anyone, is because he only trusts himself at the end of the day. He is all he's got, and as more and more people begin to realize this (thankfully, President Heller does) hopefully they'll begin to trust themselves.

Simone meets up with Naveed's sister, who makes it very clear that she's in the dark about Naveed's plans or personal activities. Simone, relieved, calls her mother to get permission to not kill Naveed's sister. Unfortunately, Margot still has the crazy eyes and says to kill her anyway. Simone pleads to not have to do it, but Margot (surprise) doesn't care. She doesn't care if her daughter is now killer, and she doesn't care that part of Simone's job is to now kill Naveed's sister and her own niece. How far does she go? How far would you go if you'd been forced to believe a certain thing? Well, Simone is able to kill her sister-in-law, but her niece flees. An act of God ends the chase, and Simone is left in the middle of the street, having just been hit by a bus. This out-of-nowhere bus attack speaks to the idea that Simone is doomed: If she just followed what dear old Mom said, she'd be back at the country estate having cucumber sandwiches and tea. After all, it is tea time.

And speaking of trust, Benjamin Bratt's character, Agent Navarro, has always perplexed me. I guess I was waiting for Navarro's character to develop more because the powers that be wouldn't have cast such a major star in such a supporting role. So, I guess this is something the viewer can still trust: there'll always be a twist in 24. The twist finishing off the fifth hour is that Navarro planted the information that implicated Kate's husband. Let's make the web larger and tighter. Let's make the good guys the bad guys and the bad guys the good guys. That's 24, and that's exactly what makes it awesome.

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