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24 Review: There's No One to Trust in This Hour of Live Another Day

Philip Harris | 10 Jun 2014 16:15
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Later, because just at that moment, Jack notices this assassin-lookin' guy lurking around the hospital and realizes Simone (who he's just knocked out) is in real danger. "You in danger, girl!" He attempts to stop the assassin in a quick chase through the hospital, but it only takes a few minutes for the assassin to be shot dead by a bobby. What now? Well, Jack grabs the assassin's cell phone and discovers that Margot is going to drone strike the hospital in eight minutes! Holy filicide, Batman! This clearly doesn't give Jack much time, so he races back to sleeping Simone, picks her up, and narrowly escapes the drone attacks, of which there are four total. He may have escaped, but sadly, the drones have wreaked serious havoc on London. It was painful to see London in rubble like that, patients clinging to stumps where arms used to be, bleeding into the street. As one of the planet's magical cities, it truly made me angry to see what Margot (who is British!) do that to such a magnificent place. It makes me wonder why this didn't happen in D.C. or New York? Why England? I mean, it makes sense for the story, but after years off the air, Jack Bauer comes back... to England. Ah well, who am I to ask such questions, eh?

While Margot's daughter starts to betray her, and while President Heller's mind begins to betray his critical thinking, Mark, the president's son-in-law is about to be betrayed by his own thirst for power. In a meeting with the Russians with whom he's trying to negotiate, he is called out for forging the president's signature on official documents. Don't try to run one over on the Russians, Mark. Never a good idea.

Speaking of loose ends, Navarro, whom last week we discovered is working for a mysterious man with phone access is beginning to realize that Jordan, the sinewy CIA agent who's been helping Kate this entire time, is about to discover that Kate's husband's departure may have been less than above board. No kidding. This is 24, after all. Only in 24 does a man driving a dying terrorist around escape four drone attacks and only in 24 does the entire CIA not realize one of their own is a bad seed. But, is Navarro? Is he really bad? Or is he just working under orders? And whose orders? Well, we soon discover it's none other than Michael-freakin'-­Wincott, Chloe's boss. So that explains why he wanted to get out of the not-Wikileaks headquarters so fast! That's why he didn't want to get involved with the CIA. Somehow, Michael is wrapped up in all of this, and just as Margot doesn't want her daughter ruining all of her plans, Michael Wincott doesn't want this model-looking dude discovering what really happened with Kate's husband.

To that end, Navarro informs Jordan that he'll be going out into the field on a surprise mission. Really, Jordan? You're falling for that? Well, at least he was cute. Jordan, the entity about to burst another bubble in the world of 24, has to be dealt with, and in no short order, he's shot and falls into the river. So long, Jordan. Or wait, his body never emerges from beneath the waves. He's alive! No matter how hard we try, there's always someone or something trying to destroy everything you've done. If only we had assassins and drones and armies.

Then again, none of those things have helped President Heller. He begins to realize that the only way London isn't going to be leveled by this crazy lady in the countryside is to give himself up to her. He instructs Jack to come in and see him and then calls Margot Al-Harazi himself, having made the decision to turn himself over. Is that the lesson? If you can't stop the breech, give in to it? I'd like to think that, but this is 24, and that's just not how shit goes down on this show.


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