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24 Review: The Truth Is Staring Everyone in the Face

Philip Harris | 17 Jun 2014 14:00
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Not that anyone sees it until it's too late.

Last night's episode was humdinger. Truths were revealed all over the place, and a major character, Game of Thrones-style, was killed in cold blood. Jack was still busting his ass for the side of good, but the terrorists seem to have the upper hand, and the President is forced to make some very difficult choices. This season, which started off a little contrived and "eh" for me, is really starting to pick up, and tonight's episode was a major ascension point. Make sure to catch the latest episodes on Fox.com or Hulu.

When we left Jack Bauer in last week's episode of 24: Live Another Day, the tension was building. He'd just rescued Simone from a drone attack perpetrated by her own mother, but then he was suddenly called into private audience with the President. Before he called Jack though, President Heller inferred that he would surrender to Margot, who incidentally realized her hours were numbered and decided to eighty-six her countryside mansion for safer habitat. The major B-storyline was Jordon being shot at the demand of Navarro, who we discovered planted evidence that condemned one of his own. Jordan didn't die and is now on the move.

Deep breath, okay? Let's go in. The episode started with Margot telling her son that the president was going to give himself up. Understandably, they were shocked. The major theme of the series thus far has revolved around the desperate measures to which one goes when they don't get what they want or they are not believed when trying to explain an absolute truth. To have the most powerful man in the world go along with a terrorist's plan is a little shocking, even for the terrorist and her guyliner-wearing son.

Jack also has a hard time believing this news when the president briefs him. When President Heller admits he's surrendering, Jack's visibly upset -- I can understand why Jack's upset, but he should know by now, with all the craziness that has befallen him in the last decade, that things can get pretty cray cray when he's around. Mr. Prez then admits that he's leaving office (which only a stapler couldn't have seen coming from last week's episode) and that he's been actually diagnosed with Alzheimer's. They'd been hinting and hinting at it, never naming it, but another major theme of the show is that the true nature of things is often staring you right in the face.

Making sure to keep the drama high, Margot decides that she wants to President Heller to surrender himself at Wembley Stadium. Well, why not? The Rolling Stones aren't soundchecking, so might as well make it a terrorist surrender point. President Heller entrusts the information about his mental deterioration to Jack, asking Jack to be his clandestine courier to Wembley. Needing one other person in on the plan so as to get past the Secret Service, President Heller goes to his son-in-law Mark. (NO! THE TRUE NATUE OF THINGS MAY BE STARING YOU RIGHT IN THE FACE!)

Back at the CIA hospital-esque place, Simone needs to start talking, coma or no, so Kate -- remember, it was her husband Navarro set up -- forces the doctor to wake her up. When Simone does wake, she gives up the truth pretty fast, telling Kate the location of the countryside manor and the disc that will help locate the baddies. This is when I knew something big was about to happen. These shows don't give up pertinent information that will close out plot chapters without getting ready to throw someone under the bus, or in Simone's case in front of. Maybe that's why 24 is a world of misunderstandings and disbelief. If all the truths were revealed in a copasetic manner, there'd be no show.

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