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Philip Harris | 8 Jul 2014 08:00
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Cheng is back with a vengeance in Live Another Day, but how much chaos can he cause with just one episode to go?

If it feels like this "day" in 24: Live Another Day has been going on for weeks, that's because it has. It's hard to believe that all of this is happening in one day, especially since the episodes involving Margot Al-Harazi feel like another century. That said, this day is finally starting to wrap up.

Last week, everything was turned on its head when Cheng, a classic 24 badass baddie turned up again in all off his scarred-face, black-wearing glory. He killed Adrian, took control of the override device, and bombed a Chinese carrier from a US submarine. This week, we get just far less in terms of progressing the plotline. Last night's episode wasn't as great as last week's (you can only have so many amazing reveals per season) but it didn't skimp on tension or build. You can catch episodes of 24 Fox.com or Hulu or watch live on Fox at Mondays at 9/8c.

So, Jack Bauer is a smart guy. We all know that. Last week's shootout, the one that interrupted he and Kate's journey to take custody of the override device, was still going on as this episode began. A few great gunplays later and the shootout is over, even though it looked like curtains an hour ago for our heroes. It only takes Jack a matter of time before he realizes Mark, the man married to the woman he used to love, is behind the whole thing. Jack just doesn't have time for all that, Mark, so you better be damn sure you're not around when Jack gets back to HQ.

While that's happening, Chloe, clever as ever, is able to snatch a cell phone when Cheng decides to leave Open Cell after discovering the tracking device Navarro (sadly absent from this episode) installed therein. Every time someone mentions that Chloe should live because she's smart makes me glad: 'm glad Adrian died, but I'm even more glad Chloe is alive. The show's take on intelligence hasn't been very gratifying since the show's genesis. The smart people are often the ones not believed -- and when they are believed, they are more often than not exploited by evil forces or just outright killed. The message ends up being that you can be smart but it's going to put you in a lot of awful positions. You may end up dead, or you may end up a hostage to a terrible man who used to torture our hero and then his romantic partner... but nothing good happens to the clever ones. Still, Chloe is the brains, and she's not going to die because even Cheng needs the stuff in said brain.

Soon after, we get the scene we've all been waiting for, and that's when Jack can finally confront Mark. Jack is calm when the scene begins, but it only takes the closing of a door for Jack to pull a gun on Mark, forcing a confession. This is the other benefit of being intelligent. If you can survive, when your day finally does come, you get to be a badass, which is always preferable to being an idiot, wouldn't you say?

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