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Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Review - Episode 10: The Bridge

Bob Chipman | 11 Dec 2013 10:43
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Meanwhile, Skye finds security footage of Po talking about "The Clairvoyant" so that we can be reminded that psychic phenomena are not among the extra-human abilities S.H.I.E.L.D. has documented to exist. I wish they'd mine more humor from the "practical absurdity" of this concept - the idea that this is a world that now accepts things like extraterrestrial life not only existing but having also been the real inspiration for certain religions... but still rolls its eyes at mind-reading because no one has actually seen it yet. Speaking of "The Clairvoyant," Po (whose exclusive function in CENTIPEDE seems to be as the public-face of this person) informs Raina that his master(?) is having trouble keeping ahead of S.H.I.E.L.D because there's a person involved whose future he can't see. Gee. I wonder who could that be, and for what possible reason he'd be invisible to some kind of super-foresight?

What this boils down to is Coulson, Mike (tricked out in a vitals-monitoring superhero-suit via Fitz/Simmons), Ward, and May getting into a superhuman slugfest with the CENTIPEDE thugs in an arena born of marriage between the two laziest settings for a perfunctory action sequence: An abandoned warehouse... filled with shipping containers! Mike gets wounded, and the one soldier they'd come looking for dies via one of those remote-detonating eyeball implants from Eye-Spy; confirming that CENTIPEDE was behind that whole thing, too. Said implant also lets Raina and Po in on Mike Petersen still being alive - something they didn't know and might be useful for their "making our super-soldiers not explode" target goal.

The more important fallout: May is now ticked-off at Ward for jumping in front of a punch meant for her in the fight, a move that she took as him A) treating her like a girlfriend instead the very compartmentalized sex-only relationship she apparently insists upon and B) letting that affection color his actions in the field. He throws it back at her, insisting that he was making a tactical sacrifice to keep the superior fighter on her feet and implying that her assumption otherwise might be a bit of wishful-thinking on her part. This actually seems to wound May a bit, so when Skye turns up a moment later and mentions the search for her mother the older Agent snaps at her - stopping short of giving up the truth but effectively telling her to stop wasting everyone's time with her issues.

Skye goes off to have a cry, overheard by Coulson who takes it as cue to have a chat with Mike. He thinks the would-be Agent needs to understand that being an Agent and having a normal, happy family relationship with his young son Ace are more or less an "either/or" proposition, and consider which of the two he would rather live without. Mike gives the kid a call... and learns that he's in the custody of CENTIPEDE! They're looking to make a trade: Either S.H.I.E.L.D hands Mike over to them, or the boy dies.

The handoff is set up on a nondescript urban bridge, with the Agents hanging back (save for Ward manning a sniper rifle nearby) so Coulson can make the trade. Unfortunately, Raina and Po have pulled a fast one (with which Mike has had no choice to comply): They don't want him back, they want Coulson!

Coulson goes along with this, unsurprisingly, but once his son is securely with Skye Mike runs over to the CENTIPEDE limo to try and pull off a double-cross of his own for the rescue... but instead that section of the bridge and (presumably) also Mike himself are engulfed in a fiery remote-detonated explosion while the bad guys (and their prisoner) escape in a previously-hidden helicopter. For good measure, they strafe Ward with a machine gun (he was wearing a vest, so he's probably alive.)

In our post-credits stinger, Raina tells Coulson what the audience already figured out when they were going on about "The Clairvoyant" not being able to see "somebody" - they want to know how he came back from the dead.

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