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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Review - Episode 17: Turn, Turn, Turn

Bob Chipman | 9 Apr 2014 12:00
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Short version: The person May has been reporting on the team for is none other than Nick Fury, but it's bigger than that. She's actually been the real brains behind the operation this whole time. Apparently Fury had reason to believe that his risky resurrection of Coulson (the actual reasons for which have still not been explained) might have negative side effects. He had May (the only person Coulson was guaranteed to request for his team) manipulate the parameters for the remaining lineup to ensure the presence of specific skillsets needed should anything go wrong.

That's an awfully convoluted explanation for why our quirky, mismatched team is so quirky and mismatched... but, whatever. Garrett is about to be shot out of the sky and The Bus is being tractor-beamed to The Hub by Victoria Hand. Also at The Hub: Simmons and Triplett (Garrett's sidekick), who are running tests on Skye's mystery blood behind Coulson's back amid commotion outside that we're to understand is the third act of Winter Soldier getting underway. Triplett's crush on Simmons has been teased at before, and since there's really no other reason for him to be around he's looking like a good prospect for becoming a series regular... except he'd sort-of make Ward redundant, so it's not looking good for at least one of them.

Coulson shoots May with an icer for lying to him (she knew about Tahiti this whole time, even) and orders Skye and Fitz to override the ship's weapons systems so they can have a brief (and clearly beyond the budget of this series) dogfight with the drones. With that done (and May ensconced in lockup with Ward), it's time to have Skye hack the web for Captain America 2 spoilers and find out what about 98% of this show's prospective audience already knows: HYDRA took over S.H.I.E.L.D. from the inside, and they've just gone public. Also, Nick Fury is dead.

Down on the ground, Hand (who Coulson etc now figure must be "The Clairvoyant" herself) gives a spooky "with us or against us" speech to her team of guards... but she never actually says "HYDRA," so no prize for guessing this is clever misdirection before she pulls a pointlessly elaborate "feign evil, kill them if they're okay with it" gambit on Simmons and Triplett. Hand, incidentally, is convinced that it's Coulson who's a HYDRA plant with pretty much every move he's made since the start of the show being listed as evidence supporting this.


And so, it's fortress-storming time: Skye and Ward (traveling with a backup drive containing data on all the weapons and supervillains they've encountered to keep it from HYDRA's hands) head in to shut down security while Coulson, Fitz, May (handcuffed) and Garrett aim to take down Hand. So, two heavily-armed S.H.I.E.L.D. teams both acting under assumption that the other is HYDRA. Okay, that'll work. Skye and Ward finally share a "moment" and a kiss, Ward goes guns-akimbo on some hallway mooks, Skye reveals she's just going to blow up The Hub's power-source instead of hacking it.

Garrett and Coulson get to talking about the recent events while they wait for the grid to go down, with Garrett doing most of the talking. Uh-oh. Monologuing. That can only means one thing. Sure enough, Garrett makes an "info only the bad guys would know" slip, Coulson calls it. A team of S.H.I.E.L.D. shooters turns up, Garrett notes that most of them are trainees of Agent Sitwell (revealed as HYDRA in Winter Soldier) and now the good guys are outgunned. So, Garrett is The Clairvoyant - at least to the extent there ever was one.

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