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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Review - Episode 22: Beginning of the End

Bob Chipman | 14 May 2014 15:00
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Oh, wait a sec... With the Cybertek "crime scene" momentarily empty, Garrett's "corpse" crawls up onto the Deathlok-making machine and gives itself a shiny new cyborg body. "Now I'm unstoppable!" rants cyber-Garrett... right before Coulson casually blasts him to atoms using that Peruvian HYDRA laser from Episode 2 ("Hey guys, I found it.") Because, after all, this is Whedon Country.

Finally, the part we were waiting for: Coulson finally gets his "why" from Fury, and it turns out it really was as simple as Fury considering guys like him the "heart" of S.H.I.E.L.D's original ideal. He also assigns him a new mission: Take his team and a "toolbox" of Fury's remaining secrets and rebuild The Agency from the ground up, preferably HYDRA-free this time. He also gets a new title: Phil Coulson, Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. Awwww.

Simmons reunites with the team, but Fitz is nowhere to be found - "He's... alive." is all we get. Where are they? Another Fury secret base, "The Playground," manned by... Patton Oswalt's previously very dead Agent Eric Koenig? Well, sort of - this is Billy Koenig, who looks just like Eric, says a lot of the same things (as in whole sentences) and doesn't seem too broken up about the other one dying. We'll come back to that.

For the first of two stingers: Raina walks to a dingy apartment, where a burly door guard grants her entrance. She's meeting what appears to be either an elderly or infirm man seated with his back to the camera. We only get a good look at his hand, which is humanoid but misshapen and dripping with an oily black slime. "I found your daughter," she says, handing over a photo of Skye.

Stinger #2: Coulson can't sleep, so he takes a walkabout and notices Garrett's weird drawing from earlier. He finds a wall, takes out a pocket-knife and starts carving, eventually making a whole massive "alien" equation/map/whatever of his own. Uh-oh...

Parting Thoughts

  • So, Melinda May makes a last-panel "big reveal" debut in the Comics Universe in the very near future, right? We all agree that that's inevitable at this point?
  • I have no idea who Skye's Father is supposed to be, especially since at this point it might make sense for Agents to start making up original creatures/characters of its own here and there so it doesn't have to spend another half-season jogging in place because the movies aren't done using a certain plot-point yet. One theory that seems to be prominent is that Raina and Skye are both Inhumans, whose offspring tend to look "normal" (and not exhibit powers) until being exposed to Terrigen Mists. If so, daddy could be any of a dozen guys.
  • Apparently, some of The Internet seems to think it might be Baron Blood, who is a vampire. I'm not sure what the logic is there, but I'm all for a curveball like that. Especially if it means Blade could show up.
  • Sad to see Fitz go, even with the door technically left open for him to come back in some form, but I can't say that the team as it stands now (Simmons as the lone smarty, Tripp onhand as a much more interesting/likable replacement for Ward whose also carrying an obvious torch for her) already feels like a much stronger entity.

  • So Billy's just-slightly-strange mannerisms would seem to indicate that The Koenigs may, at last, be the official debut of LMDs in the MCU, yes? If not, there's still got to be something going on there. I just hope this means Oswalt is a series regular now.
  • I don't recognize whatever it is Garrett and Coulson were both compelled to draw as being anything specific to Marvel, but it looks a lot more like a map or schematic than words or numbers. Star-charts? Something to do with parallel dimensions?
  • It says some interesting things about the way fandom approaches different "types" of characters that Skye was so universally trashed as a "Mary Sue" that the show actually had to reference it... while Coulson's entire arc from Avengers to this episode has been having the A-Listers of the Marvel Universe repeatedly tell him how awesome he is and how they all want to be his friend. Just sayin.
  • I'm serious. It doesn't bug me at all that getting answers about The Blue Guy and Skye's origin/identity/species will apparently be held over for Season 2. I like where we're at now, and I think there's a nice solid foundation to build a good second season off of. I'm looking forward to it.
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