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Game of Thrones Season 4 Ep 5 "First of His Name" Review - Female Power

Greg Tito | 5 May 2014 19:46
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Sansa is finally back with her family - in the Eyrie with Lysa Tully ne Arryn, her aunt. Except there's one big problem, Lysa is batshit cray-cray. Her devotion to Littlefinger verges on psycho stalker, and the cries that fill the castle while her new husband is screwing her do in fact echo across the Narrow Sea. Of course she's a screamer. Robin Arryn, perfectly cast back in season one and unchanged here four years later, is still nutso himself, obsessed with throwing things down the Moon Door to "make it fly." Sansa sure doesn't feel safe in the Vale, but at least she's not as cowed as she was in King's Landing. Even when Lysa grabs her hands and screams at her in jealous rage as to why Littlefinger's interested in Sansa, there's more fire in the young girl's protestations than ever before. That's going to be trouble.

Because, Lysa is crazy. And she admits to starting the whole trouble of the Game of Thrones in this episode with Littlefinger's coaching. You remember the pilot episode of the first season? When Catelyn Stark gets a letter from Lysa blaming the Lannisters for poisoning her husband, the Hand of the King? And Ned Stark goes south to take over that position? Well, that was Lysa poisoning her husband with Tears of Lys. The entire time of troubles, the death of Ned Stark, the War of the Five Kings, the rise of the Tyrells and possibly even the bankrupting of the Lannisters to pay for the war is all due to the machinations of Littlefinger.

OK, so maybe the scenes in the Eyrie don't pertain to women holding power exactly, but let's hope Sansa begins to learn of the power she has over Littlefinger. He loved Catelyn Stark, that's clear, and maybe her daughter is the only one who can stop him from stealing the Iron Throne out from the powerful Houses.

You know, the female character that arguably holds the most power in the series is Danearys Targaryen, but she never gets the chance to exercise it in the show. Here in First of His Name we see her in a new throne room atop the Great Pyramid in Meeren. She learns of Joffrey's death, and debates with her advisors whether now is the time to strike at the Seven Kingdoms with her Unsullied army. She also learns the two cities she's sacked and conquered before Meeren - Yunkai and Astapor - have risen up against her. Daenerys considers her position, and decides to rule Meeren for a while because if she can't rule then she is just a conqueror. She then goes out onto the balcony to do what? Brood? (Incidentally, I think this is where the sweeping shot of Dany on top of the pyramid inserted at the end of her quick "conquest" of the city was supposed to go. It would have fit better here.)

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