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Game of Thrones Season 4 Ep 6 "The Laws of God and Man" AKA The Dinklage Emmy Winner

Dan O'Halloran | 12 May 2014 23:17
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In the last episode, Daenerys decided that she can't just conquer cities, but she needs to rule them as well if she wants to be able to hold on to Westeros once she reclaims her birthright. She decides to act like a queen in her most recently conquered city, Meereen. And that means dealing with the problems of her new people. But she quickly discovers that her actions are the cause of many of their woes.

The first is a goat herder that lost his flock to one of her hungry dragons. She agrees to pay him three times the price of his flock. Next is a young nobleman whose father Daenerys nailed to a cross in retribution for the city crucifying child slaves when they heard she was coming. Those crucified nobles are still hanging there. She tries to justify her actions, but the man points out that his father actually protested the child crucifixion plan, but was overruled by the other nobleman of the city. She relents and agrees to let him take his father down from the cross to give him a proper burial. The shine of being a ruler is quickly wearing off for Dany, especially when she discovers there are 212 more supplicants waiting for an audience with her.

Tywin pointed out in his initial history lesson with Tommen that Robert Baratheon was great at winning the throne, but lousy at running the country. Two different skill sets. And Dany is quickly learning that as well. She can't be all the things to all the people. She's going to have to start appointing others to carry out governmental functions. Let's hope she figures that out soon before this turns into the People's Court of Meereen.

The Small Council of King Tommen convenes with Tywin in full command. He increases the bounty on the head of The Hound and gets an update on Dany from Varys. Cersei dismisses Daenerys as a threat, but Varys quickly, but politely points out how well she's done so far and how quickly her forces are building. Oh Varys, how we've missed your understated wit and honeyed barbs. Tywin has an idea on how to deal with Dany without using force, but doesn't reveal it to us.

Oberyn and Varys have a conversation in front of the Iron Throne in another scene that was never in the books. The take away of this one is essentially that Oberyn is a creature of carnal desires and Varys is a creature entirely lacking of those impulses. In Varys' view, that makes it easier for him to keep his eye on the prize, meaning the Iron Throne. Well, we knew Varys was a player and a very good one, but he can't think to rule Westeros as King. I guess he envisions himself in more of a Tywin role. Of course, they are also setting up his motivation for his actions towards the end of this episode.

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