Game of Thrones
Episode 8: "The Pointy End"

Justin Clouse | 7 Jun 2011 14:00
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Things are going less well back on the THE WALL. While confined to his quarters, Jon breaks his punishment when GHOST begins behaving strangely and aggressively. The freed dire wolf is hot on the trail and leads Jon straight to Mormont's chambers. One of the dead rangers, doing his best zombie impression, attacks both Jon and the commander, and even after having a hand hacked off and a sword through the gullet he continues to move. Only when Jon tosses a burning lantern to set him ablaze does it finally stop. They barbeque the corpses to make extra sure, and Sam shares that his readings suggest they ought to pray the Wall is high enough should this really be the WHITEWALKERS waking up. This is accompanied by our first long pan up of the Wall, it's really big.

The Dothraki and DAENERYS are a story of unintended ramifications. After her insistence in the last episode for DROGO to take the horde to WESTEROS (plus the attempt on her life), he raids a town for the resources and slaves they will need to barter passage on the "wooden horses". Daenerys claims many of the female slaves for her own, so that the men cannot rape them, and this angers one of them enough to challenge Drogo. Though this serves to be the challenger's demise, who only scratches the mighty Khal before Drogo cuts open his throat and rips out his tongue.

Back across the ocean, everyone else is preparing for their own battles. Catelyn arrives at ROB'S somewhat more meager camp of 18,000 men. We know from earlier that TYWIN gave JAIME half of the Lannister 60,000 and we are told that Jaime is already laying siege to RIVERRUN, Catelyn's home. Rob is outnumbered facing either force, and to make matters worse, they hold his father, sisters and would likely put them all to the sword for treason. He can't afford to lose.

Later during their planning, a scout is caught and brought before Rob and bannermen. Rob takes the opportunity to turn the man loose, having him deliver a taunt to Tywin Lannister. "Winter is coming for him. Twenty thousand Northerns marching South to find out if he really does shit gold." Rob is faced with a dilemma of marching down the Neck or trying to gain passage from the only bridge to meet up with the RIVERLORDS. The bridge is held at THE TWINS, a castle and lord not known for being quick to display honor. On the Lannister side, Tyrion arrives at his father's camp, to a degree of surprise from the elder Lannister. Tywin promises to keep Tyrion's offers to the mountain tribes, though they insist on taking the Imp into battle until they have been fully reimbursed.

Finally, we end on meeting of the court before the Iron Throne. JANOS SLYNT, commander of the City Watch, is being elevated to the title of lord, likely his price for betraying Ned Stark. Tywin Lannister is named the new Hand of the King, and a surprising order of dismissing SER BARRISTAN from the Kingsguard. Jaime is to be the new lord commander. Given Barristan's honorable reluctance in the previous episode, it's no wonder that Cersei doesn't feel comfortable with him around the King, her son. Then again, he has had two kings die under his charge recently, not exactly a great track record. This is a bold move though; the Kingsguard is an oath of service until death and Barristan storms out of the room after stating that he could still cut through the five remaining Kingsguard with the ease of cutting a cake. A call is made for any further business and Sansa steps forward to beg for mercy. Joffery, with that sly Lannister smile, says he is moved by her words, but in order to show mercy her father must admit to his crimes.

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