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True Blood Review: Home Sweet Fangtasia

Heather Barefoot | 14 Jul 2014 07:00
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Jessica Wars with Forgiveness
Jessica's bullet wound is getting worse. James explains that she's not healing because she's not eating, and that she actually hasn't eaten for about 10 weeks. It's obvious Jessica is still feeling incredible guilt over the murder of Adilyn's sisters, which is why she's gone cold turkey. Both James and Bill fail at getting Jessica to eat, but Sookie doesn't have time for Jessica's crap. She lays down the law by swiftly informing Jessica that she doesn't give a shit about the baby vamp's problems and instead points out that people are dying all around them and the death of three fairy girls is nothing to get so worked up about.

Sookie calls in Lafayette, as James' human donor, for Jessica's first meal of the season. Lala is able to connect with a still resistant Jessica by connecting with her on the common ground of murdering someone. (Remember Jesus? Yeah, bringing that up again definitely stung.) It's always a beautiful scene when Lafayette can impart some wisdom, and he does so with Jessica here. By explaining that everyone is deeply flawed, he's able to convince Jessica that she needs to find a way to live with herself instead of war with herself, which is actually a pretty good life lesson for everyone.

The Battle at Fangtasia
Thanks to Sookie's plan, Bill calls in recruits to create a small faction to fight the infected vampires. The group includes the regular players (Bill, Violet, Jessica, and James, Sookie, Sam, and Jason) as well as newcomers Michael and Keith, the drummer in James' band. Just as Jason is attempting a pep talk, Eric and Pam arrive, but sadly the resulting reunion of Eric and Sookie feels awkward at best. Luckily we can trust in Willa to spark some fireworks back into this scene thanks to her hatred of Eric, the maker who abandoned her.

With Eric, Pam, and Willa along for the ride, the team descends on Fangtasia through a convenient tunnel leading to the basement. What they find is no longer three healthy victims, but instead only Jane Bodehouse and Nicole. As the two woman are assisted to safety, Arlene is quickly becoming lunch for a nest of Hep-V vamps.

As our core team prepares for a stealth attack on the infected vampires, Fangtasia is hit head-on by Vince's band of angry followers. The mob launches an all-out attack on Fangtasia, complete with Molotov cocktails and heavy-duty weaponry. All vampires, healthy and infected alike, escape to the parking lot where they wage war with each other.

Meanwhile, Arlene is delirious from blood loss. On the edge of her life, she sees Terry bathed in a white light which, although cliché, is a sweet image. While Sookie does actually sob for Arlene's impending doom, she also calls out for help from healthy vampire Keith, who gives his blood to Arlene just in time. As she heals, Arlene's representation of Terry shifts script and instead of calling her to join him, suggests that she stay Bon Temps to raise their kids and "be happy." Arlene zaps back to the world of the living and shares a quick, sweet moment with Keith, which alludes that Arlene may have a new boyfriend in the mix. While I will always miss Terry and Arlene's relationship, it would be nice for the original redhead to have some happiness to round out all the crap she's suffered through.

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The dust clears to show that the healthy vampires have managed to stamp out all infected vamps from the area, effectively winning season seven's first boss fight.

And that wraps up episode four. All in all, this episode still felt pretty unremarkable. The return of Eric Northman to Shreveport should have been epic, but instead Eric played second fiddle to a jumbled list of plot points. The only one who even truly seems to care about Eric's illness in Pam and his reunions were squashed thanks to the attack on infected vampires. Episode four again tried to jam a lot of content into the last few minutes of screen time and overall the episode just fell flat. This along with the similarly unremarkable previous episodes are diminishing my hopes for a strong final season of True Blood. At this point we might as well just be watching 80's flashbacks for the rest of the season.

Death Toll:

  • Vince - killed brutally by Bill with a bar-tap handle to the back of the head.
  • Rosie - drained of all her blood by Eric during the battle of infected vampires.
  • All remaining Hep-V vampires in Shreveport.

As to who's going to be added to the death list next, we'll have to tune in next week to find out.

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