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True Blood Review: We Didn't See That One Coming

Heather Barefoot | 11 Aug 2014 08:00
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The threads of season 7 are wrapping up, but that doesn't mean True Blood doesn't have any more surprises in store.

Last week on True Blood:

  • Violet's offer of sanctuary for Adilyn and Wade turned sour.
  • Eric and Pam kept trying to track down Sarah Newlin.
  • Bill and Sookie reunited thanks to his now limited lifespan.

The game of cat-and-mouse is finally over for Pam, Eric, and Sarah. Meanwhile, Jason's attempt to destroy Violet backfires as a new savior shows up for the rescue.

There's only two episodes left in the farewell season. Watch True Blood Sundays at 9 PM ET on HBO GO.

Now let's dive in to episode eight: Almost Home.

Closure for The Thorntons.
After last week's disappointing episode, I'm relieved to see more of the Lettie Mae/Tara storyline. At Tara's childhood home, Lafayette and Lettie Mae are still digging up the yard in search of Tara's mystery item. Reasonably, the new owners are none-too-pleased with the destruction of their property. They call Reverend Daniels to come claim his addict wife, but Lettie Mae instead convinces him to join them on their journey to discover Tara's message. The trio drinks from James then follows Tara into the house and straight into a flashback of Tara's childhood birthday party.

It seems quaint at first, a birthday party where Tara is happily surrounded by her friends and loving, caring mother, but that perfection doesn't last long. Tara's abusive father shows up and the tone of the flashback gets heavy really quickly. In the midst of physically abusing his wife, he goes on a rampage looking for his gun. Little does he know that Tara has his gun and intends to shoot her father. She comes close, but she's extremely young and obviously frightened so she opts for plan B: burying the gun in the yard.

The flashback ends and Tara's message is finally clear. After a round of heart-breaking apologies for all the pain they've caused each other, Tara makes her mother promise to forgive herself and move on with her life. With that, Tara is gone but she leaves behind a stronger, more complete family. Lettie Mae now has permission to forgive herself and live her life happily and without suffering. It's one hell of an emotional scene, but it's so rewarding to see that closure for Lettie Mae and the Thornton family. I'm just thankful Tara's story was resolved with as happy an ending as possible, since her death in episode one was so unceremonious.

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