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True Blood Review: The Clock Keeps Ticking

Heather Barefoot | 18 Aug 2014 08:00
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Hoyt wins the world's worst boyfriend award when he drops Brigette to go after Jessica in order to discover why he feels so attracted to her. Jessica fills him in on their past, including Jason and the glamouring Hoyt had requested. Meanwhile, Brigette calls Jason for help after her fight with Hoyt but when Jason shows up, he's immediately knocked out by Hoyt in the wake of learning about his past (real mature, Hoyt).

Meanwhile, Brigette and Jason head to his apartment where we spend way too long watching the new girl try to lighten the load of Deputy Stackhouse's emotional baggage. Adding Brigette to the series is an obvious, desperate attempt to give Jason a love interest for the final season. Any girl he's ever been interested in is currently taken (or dead) so it was apparently necessary to ship in another one of Hoyt's girlfriends to fill that void. I believe a stronger play would have been to let Jason utilize the maturity he's gained this season to realize that Hoyt and Jessica's initial breakout several seasons ago wasn't entirely his fault. He and Jessica chose to be together mutually and she is as much at fault as Jason is. Jessica has already realized this on her own, but apparently Jason needed some girl he's never met before to tell him in simple terms that he's not a bad guy before he could fully understand that. It's a real shame as it feels like a huge disservice to Jason's character and any strides toward maturity he's made on his own this season.

The Tables Turn
Eric shows up at Bill's manor to try and talk Bill down off the true death ledge. In doing so, he finds that Bill's decision to die is based on Sookie, which shouldn't really be a surprise. Bill is resigned to die in order to set Sookie free of the ties that bind them together. He's convinced he can only bring her sadness and darkness, and the only real way to give Sookie the life she deserves is for Bill to accept the true death and let Sookie move on without him. It's egotistical of Bill to think that Sookie's entire life revolves around Bill, but he's not entirely wrong. Sookie has kept every other lover at arm's length throughout the series and always winds up back with Bill, so it makes sense that Bill would realize he needs to take himself out of the picture if Sookie is to ever fully love someone else.

Per Bill's request, Eric seeks out Sookie and convinces her to see Bill one last time. During this conversation, Eric informs Sookie that she's one of the few people he cares about, which only ups their on-screen chemistry. If Bill does end up perishing, Sookie and Eric are obviously the next "sure thing", but it looks like this realization is hitting a little too close to home for Mr. Northman. He heads back to Fangtastia and decides to lose himself in Ginger instead. This is the first (and only) sex scene between Eric and Ginger, but instead of traditional True Blood sex scenes, this one features the comedic gold of Ginger's quick and extreme orgasm.

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