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True Blood Review: The Clock Keeps Ticking

Heather Barefoot | 18 Aug 2014 08:00
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Meanwhile, Pam begins stripping down Sarah Newlin's new identity Noomi, starting with her hair color. As she works on returning Sarah to the platinum blonde she was known for, Pam lets Sarah in their future plans for the messiah. To coincide with New Blood becoming a way of life for infected vampires and not an end-all cure, Yakonomo Corp. and associates intend to set Sarah up as a very, very high-priced call girl. Essentially they'll sell her blood to infected vampires who can afford to pay for the full cure, but there's definitely a sense that her new life includes the more traditional role of a call girl as well. As a human, Pam was originally the Madame of her own brothel so it's very fitting that this is the kind of punishment she would dream up for Sarah, who would certainly view this new role as both immoral and beneath her.

Pam seems to thrive when she's able to take charge of a situation, however it's not long before the tables have turned on her as well. Mr. Gus has found out that Eric's been sharing word of Sarah Newlin's miracle blood and, as a punishment for Eric, has Pam trapped under a heavy stake dangling over her heart. To save Pam's life, Eric admits that Sookie is aware of the cure and their scene ends with Mr. Gus demanding Sookie's address. From the looks of it, we should be gearing up for a final boss showdown between the Yakuza and the remaining Bon Temps vampires at the Stackhouse residence next episode.

The majority of episode nine was spent watching Jason and Brigette, a couple that I just don't understand. Brigette is obviously trying to heal some of Jason's emotional wounds by convincing him that he isn't the "huge fuck-up" he claims to be, but their scenes were just unnecessary. It's been an issue I've had with the season from the start, but these episodes feel like they're stuffed full of fluff simply to make sure they clock in at an hour each. They could easily be chopped down to an exciting 30 minutes packed with plot twists and action. Instead, they're continually dragged out with useless scenes only to ramp back up again for the last five minutes. Since next week's finale episode is our last glimpse into Bon Temps, I'm hoping that it won't be wasted with these unnecessary scenes, but after the season we've had I'm not holding my breath.

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