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True Blood Review: The End Has Finally Come

Heather Barefoot | 25 Aug 2014 08:00
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The series finale offers a sweet message for True Blood fans.

Last week on True Blood:

  • Eric is healed of Hep-V thanks to Sarah Newlin's blood but Bill refuses the cure
  • Jessica and Hoyt get back together
  • Sookie is in danger (again!), this time from Yakonomo Corp.

The end is here, for better or worse. In the series finale, we learn, among other things, you can apparently be a huge jerk when you're dying and no one will care!

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Episode Nine: Thank You.

The episode starts off with Bill and Sookie fighting again about whether Bill should stay alive. Bill waxes on about how being a vampire means you're not truly living, beyond the literal sense, but the scene quickly shifts to more of Bill's reasons for death. Bill confesses that he's choosing to die because he thinks he can't give Sookie the life she deserves, which includes children. Wait, what?

Now, let's stop for a second. Does anyone else see how utterly sexist this is? Why can't Sookie make the decision on what kind of life she wants herself? Why does Bill Compton, or any other man for that matter, get to decide that for her? Apparently not only is Sookie not allowed to choose her own lover, but she's also not allowed to decide when or how she'll procreate. I mean, Bill, you've been alive for over a century. You do know about adoption, right? There are tons of other ways to become parents other than the traditional sense, but maybe Bill is just too old and set-in-his-ways to realize what an asshole he's being.

And then comes the cherry on top on Bill's sexist sundae. Not only does Bill want to die, but he wants Sookie to kill him with her faerie light. By using up every ounce of her light on him, Sookie will naturally be less attractive and attracted to vampires. While Bill may think he's created the best plan possible to keep Sookie safe, what he's really done is just continue to exercise an the antiquated notion that he knows best for her, better than she does for himself. By asking her to use her faerie light, he's stripping her of a fundamental part of herself and effectively taking control over her life even after he's gone. This whole scene is disgusting, but thankfully it ends with Sookie kicking his ass out of her house, for now at least.

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