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The Cheapest PC I Would Build: August 2014

Devin Connors | 1 Aug 2014 00:01
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Page 1: Introduction
Page 2: CPU and Motherboard
Page 3: Memory and GPU
Page 4: Case and Power Supply
Page 5: Storage, Optical Drive, and Final Thoughts

Last month, I tossed a PC part list up with the goal of building a decent gaming rig for around $750 - Windows included.

That wasn't good enough for some of you, apparently, because several of my bosses held their respective breaths until I agreed to make a list that went even cheaper.

Several Deep Thought sessions and hospital trips later (sorry, bosses), I have come up with, yes, a cheaper list.

Let's be clear, though: This is not "The Cheapest PC You Can Build." This is the cheapest PC I - me, Devin Connors - would build right now. And even that's a stretch, because I'd rather hold up one or two more Salvation Army donation collectors save a little extra cash and invest in more robust hardware. A rule of thumb: The less money you spend on a gaming PC (sales and such aside), the less time it will be a viable rig.

But fear not, my penny-pinching pals, for The Cheapest PC I Would Build is here for all to enjoy.

Per usual, all prices are subject to change - I pass this story in several days before publication, so do please save your "BUT DEVON THE RAM IS $5 MORE THAN WHAT YOU SAID IT WAS" malarkey for someone on the Tom's Hardware forums. And while you're there, tell Tom that I'll SEE HIM IN LOS ANGELES. SUMMER SLAM. IN A STEEL CAGE.

Furthermore, feel free to post suggestions in the comments, but be nice about it. I don't need to cry again this week.

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