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The Best Mid-Range PC I Would Build: September 2014

Devin Connors | 2 Sep 2014 18:00
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Page 1: Introduction
Page 2: CPU and Motherboard
Page 3: Memory and GPU
Page 4: Case and Power Supply
Page 5: SSD, Storage, Optical Drive, and Final Thoughts

When I first did a PC part build list this summer, I started on the low end of the totem pole. The $750 build was intended for budgeteers who wanted a capable gaming PC without crossing into the (dramatic pause) dreaded four-figure range. After being peer-pressured by the Cheaper is Better Lobby, I went even lower, producing the Golden Egg that is the $550 build (Windows included, tee hee!)

With two budget builds online for all the Internet to enjoy, I feel like I've earned some me time. Maybe I'll go on vacation to Belize, or start that shot glass collection... or maybe I'll just put together a PC part list that's 100%, USDA-approved Devin. That's right, this latest list is approximately what I would build right now if I needed a new gaming PC.

This isn't a budget PC, nor is it a ziggurat for all PC players to bow down before (I'll do a $2,000-plus build at some point). This is a PC that will play anything I want, how I want, without utterly compromising my short-term financial situation.

As with previous builds, the same rules apply on opinions and money. The final cash total is a ball-park, as pricing and rebates on the likes of Amazon and Newegg can fluctuate daily. Whatever the final price is, try to put a $25 +/- on the sticker, and everything will work out nicely.

As for opinions - and we all know your Hater Ion Cannons are fully charged - please drop your hardware thoughts in the comments nicely. Just because I chose a SanDisk SSD over a Samsung model (spoiler alert!) does not mean you and I have to re-enact Kingdom of Heaven.

So what would my ideal PC look like? LET US BEGIN.

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