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Can You Guess What These Strange Science Images Are?

Marshall Lemon | 10 Oct 2014 16:30
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Unlike some of the other images, this picture should hit a little closer to home: it's a part of the human body.

This is the surface of a heart, specifically the aortic valve under an electron microscope. The colorings signify clumps of calcium salts that are building up on the valve. When you're not following a proper diet or exercise, the calcification process can increase to a point that it actually stops your heart valve from working. In non-science speak, that's how humans get heart disease.

What's interesting about this particular images is that the coloring takes density into account as well as surface features. That orange-brown color hints where the calcium salts are more dense, while the green is less dense. Calcification in the body isn't necessarily bad by the way; on your teeth, it's actually very important. It's just in the heart or arteries that it can become a problem, so the more green you can see, the better.\

That's it for now. How well did you do? Feel free discuss that (and some of your favorites) in the comments.


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