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Can You Guess What These Strange Science Images Are?

Marshall Lemon | 10 Oct 2014 16:30
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We here at The Escapist believe science is a wonderful thing, not only for what it's achieved, but also for the things it's still learning. There are so many bizarre, outrageous, and seemingly insane things science is still discovering, changing and expanding our idea of how the world works. Those who aren't immersed in scientific fields may not always know the full scope, so we're going to give you a taste of some of the strangest science out there.

On subsequent pages, we've compiled images of some of the weird elements of science and biology, and challenge you, the reader, to guess what you're looking at. If you've never seen the likes of the following before, don't worry; each image is followed by a brief description that helps you learn a little more about the world. And if you're already familiar with every single subject? You can give yourself a pat on the back as a well-learned student of the very, very odd.

Let's get started:

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