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What Are These Strange and Spooky Science Images?

Marshall Lemon | 27 Oct 2014 16:00
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Science is amazing! It has extended our lifespans, helped us land on the moon, and runs the very device you're reading these words on (even if some smartphones look like they're powered by black magic these days). And we still don't have it all figured out: As our last Science Guessing Game gallery showed, there are all kinds of wonderful things happening at the periphery of our understanding. Some are wonderful, some are a little scary, and some are adorable. But most of the time, all it does is make us curious about what other strange things could be out there. And we've got a few more for you.

The rules are the same as last time. Each page will present an image pulled from the weirder parts of astronomy, biology, or some other scientific field without any context. After taking a few minutes to mull over what it might be, you can click ahead for a more detailed description. If you get one or two, that's great. But if you can get them all, you're probably some kind of scientific savant. Or you spend too much time on the internet. It could go either way.

Ready, set, go:

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