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What Are These Strange and Spooky Science Images?

Marshall Lemon | 27 Oct 2014 16:00
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Nothing strange or weird here; just a rubber chicken that made it to space.

Dubbed "Camilla Corona", this rubber chicken is a mascot for the Solar Dynamics Observatory that assists in educational outreach programs and space missions. Camilla here has been launched into the stratosphere by schoolchildren, been outfitted with sensors to measure solar radiation, and even hitched a ride on a Russian spacecraft to the International Space Station. In other words, this chicken has as much of a successful space career as any human astronaut.

Camilla is now "retired", but as a mascot, she went a long way to getting kids from various cultural backgrounds interested in space travel, even participating on occasion as this video proves. Although I wonder if she'd be willing to return for these Mars missions NASA keeps hinting at.

And that's it for this week; how did you do? Feel free to discuss your results in the comments.

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