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You Shall Not Pass! ...This Strange Science Pic Quiz

Marshall Lemon | 14 Nov 2014 18:00
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Strange Science 650

For some reason, science has a reputation for being a little stuffy and boring, which is why Hollywood keeps making up stuff that doesn't make any sense. But maybe the film industry just had the wrong science teacher, because there are some amazing, insane, and just plain odd things that science is discovering every day. And best of all, we can take pictures of them.

So in the tradition of our previous science guessing games, here's a third gallery of some of the strangest things we're capable of observing. The rules are the same as before: Each page will feature an image without context, giving you the chance to guess what it might be. Once you've had enough, click ahead to the next page to see if you were right!

Let's get started:

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