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You Shall Not Pass! ...This Strange Science Pic Quiz

Marshall Lemon | 14 Nov 2014 18:00
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Did you check out this image and think you were looking at an arcade? Don't be silly; arcades don't exist anymore. Although, technically you're half right: This one comes to use via virtual reality.

This is the New Retro Arcade, designed by Digital Cybercherries for the Oculus Rift. Built on the Unreal Engine 4, its goal is to recreate the experience of exploring classic arcades with a few modern twists. The demo comes complete with working machines, bowling alleys, dartboards, and even working "handheld" consoles that you can play at your leisure. Digital Cybercherries even has cassette tapes for the music player, which can be picked up and moved to whatever location suits you.

The downside is that New Retro Arcade does include "games-within-a-game" that absolutely fall into copyright infringement territory. (Unless Nintendo authorized the use of an emulated The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening for us in-game.) But the fact that this exists at all is ingenious, and a great case of untapped potential for our incoming VR headsets.

And that's it for this week! Please discuss what you got right (or wrong!) in the comments. And if you have any suggestions for future guessing games, feel free to message or tweet me about them!


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