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You Won't Guess Which of These Strange Science Pics Was Taken in Space

Marshall Lemon | 28 Nov 2014 17:00
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This is the Black Seadevil, a type of anglerfish located about 600m below water level. Those are the kind of depths where humans don't always know a great deal of what's happening; in fact, this footage is considered the first time the creature was observed underwater. While important for science, I suspect there are still many people who would prefer we weren't checking it out.

For example, see that little light? That's a lure, meant to attract fish and squid that it inhales into a massive maw. While terrifying, that is not nearly as bizarre as the anglerfish reproduction method. The males of this species are far smaller than this female, and basically exist as over-sized sperm, living solely to bite a female's skin and permanently fuse themselves with her body. They're not really up for dinners and Valentine's Day cards, is my point.

Still, it's a fascinating deep sea creature, one that only deep sea divers were able to catch glimpses of in recent years.

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