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WTF Science?! Can You Guess What These Strange Pics Are?

Marshall Lemon | 19 Dec 2014 16:00
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Think we've covered everything that is scientific and strange yet? Nope! As the rest of our series has shown, our little world still has many little-known facts to uncover. Some are enormous. Some are microscopic. Some are adorable. Some are terrifying. But all of them are crazy cool as far as we're concerned, so we've generated another collection to try and suss out where this strange science comes from.

For newcomers, the rules are straightforward: Each page features a mystery image, without context, leaving you with the opportunity of guessing where it came from. Get enough of them right, and you can feel satisfied with the knowledge that you're a trivia expert extraordinaire. But if you can't figure one out (which is likely), you can expand your horizons with new knowledge of this amazing world of ours.

Up for the challenge? Here's your first image:

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