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WTF Science?! Can You Guess What These Strange Pics Are?

Marshall Lemon | 19 Dec 2014 16:00
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Every now and then, this guessing game presents an object that we suspect is some kind of Lovecraftian space jelly. Funnily enough, this could be one of the cases where that feeling turns out to be completely right.

Well, maybe not the Lovecraftian part, and maybe not even the space thing. But this is actually called star jelly, a gelatinous material that mythology says was deposited on Earth by meteorites. But according to science the truth.... might as well be meteorites for all we know. The substance is notoriously hard to study, in no small part because it sometimes dissolves at the slightest provocation. In one bizarre case, four policeman encountered a star jelly dome six feet in diameter that broke apart when touched. The incident went on to inspire The Blob, where events turned out a little differently.

Of course, the fact that we don't know for sure where this come from means theories are all over the map. Star jelly is believed to be everything from mold, to bird vomit, to frog remains, to industrial byproducts, to outright paranormal substances. It's even possible star jelly is used to describe objects with different origins. This specific image is believed to be regurgitated amphibian oviducts (except for the blackberries in the corner... I hope) but there's still not much consistency on the subject.

In the meantime, I'll just stick with my Lovecraft theory and we'll see what happens.

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