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The Truth Behind The Baby Sarlacc Threat, and More Strange Science

Marshall Lemon | 3 Apr 2015 16:00
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Strange Science 6 3x3

Welcome back to The Escapist's Strange Science Guessing Game! Did you think because it disappeared for a few months that we'd solved the final mysteries behind everything? Considering we're on the cusp of discovering parallel dimensions, that's pretty unlikely - which means we can probably continue these games right until the heat death of the universe, give or take a few millenia.

The rules are the same as before. We will present an unusual image from the worlds of science - without context - and your job is to see if you can figure out what it is. Once you think you've got it, or know that you don't, click onto the next page to see the truth behind its mysterious likeness. If you get most of them right, you can rest assured that you are a well-read individual of all things strange.

And if you don't get any right - well, we're actually kind of jealous, because you'll be learning all these cool things for the very first time.

Let's get started!

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