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The Most Interesting Magic The Gathering Cards Made By Artificial Intelligence

Angelo M. D'Argenio | 8 Jul 2015 16:00
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Machines Making Magic Cards 4

I just really like that Zampires (legally distinct from Vampires) have a keyword ability called Herse. I'm not entirely sure what it does as its reminder text sounds like a drunk hobo got his hands on a Magic rulebook, but it's cool nonetheless. I'm also not sure why Zampires are green. Its creature type is Human Wizard, so maybe a Zampire is just someone cosplaying as a vampire. Or maybe that's just a really unfortunate first name. One again the RNN understood how power and toughness worked, but didn't particularly understand how creature abilities worked.

Eldromind Rats

Blue doesn't gain life. White does. So if you are going to color shift that ability, you better make it cost more. 2UU to gain one life. Seems legit. Almost too powerful if you ask me. This is the next big money rare. If you couldn't detect the sarcasm in my previous statements, then just spend your time puzzling over how a sorcery can also be rats.

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