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PC Gamer Tech - The 5 Coolest from CES 2016

CJ Miozzi | 26 Jan 2016 21:30
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Two big trends at CES 2016 were 3D printing and drones, but during my visit, I paid special attention to something very close to my heart: PC gaming. NVIDIA, MSI, Razer, Corsair, Rosewill, Logitech, Mad Catz... I hit up as many names in the PC gaming space as I could in order to report back with the most exciting devices and technologies for us gamers. While I saw a lot of impressive hardware and some top-quality peripherals, here are five that made an exceptional particular impression on me.

1. Star Destroyer PC Case

PC gamers who build their own gaming rigs tend to want their computers to look a little more stylized than their standard-issue Dell at the office. Be it a case with flashy LEDs or something more subtle, it's natural to want a system that cost hundreds - or possibly thousands - of dollars to sit in a case that is worthy of its power. Enter the most impressive case I've ever witnessed: one shaped like a Star Wars Star Destroyer.

We've covered this astonishing 3D-printed Star Destroyer case back when it went viral, but experiencing it in-person was something else entirely. It is massive. And this is coming from someone who has a full-tower case big enough to take cover behind in a firefight.

I spoke with its creator, Sander van der Velden, who submitted the case as an entry for MSI's PRO MOD Season 3 contest. MSI decided to showcase the impressive creation at CES, where it was ultimately auctioned off after accumulating a pool of envy-drool on the floor around it.

The next PC case project that van der Velden wants to tackle? The Millennium Falcon. A daunting project, he said, because while he was able to take certain artistic liberties with the Star Destroyer, the Millennium Falcon is so iconic and so well-known that any inconsistencies with the original design will be pointed out mercilessly.

(PS. Yes, this isn't the standard Star Destroyer, but it is a Venator-class Star Destroyer, aka Republic attack cruiser).

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