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PC Gamer Tech - The 5 Coolest from CES 2016

CJ Miozzi | 26 Jan 2016 21:30
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5. A Fully Customizable, Modular Gaming Mouse

I visited a number of PC gaming peripheral manufacturers during my CES trip, and while I saw many quality products that I'd love to get my hands on, I didn't imagine I'd be reporting on any of them with the same degree of excitement I'd have for a Star Destroyer PC case. That was until I visited Mad Catz and saw their R.A.T. PRO X gaming mouse, a peripheral so innovative that I wouldn't be surprised to see it spark a new trend in the industry.

The R.A.T. PRO X's claim to fame? Complete customizability and modularity. As it was disassembled before my eyes and rebuilt with alternate components, I was reminded of my childhood K'NEX construction toys - just instead of a hot rod, we were building a gaming mouse to my specifications. How customizable is it? You can swap between three different sensors, including both laser and optical options, three different scroll wheels, each with their own size, shape, and material, two different thumbs rests and three different pinky rests, two types of feet (teflon and ceramic), as well as three different palm rests, all with different textures and materials in order to meet your preferences.

But wait - there's more! The palm rest can also be rotated up to 15 degrees to better fit your hand shape or grip style. And if the three palm rests that come with the mouse aren't enough for you, you can even 3D print your own, because... why not? While certainly a gimmick without much practical application right now, the fantasy of 3D printing my own custom palm grip makes my inner child giddy.

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