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PC Gamer Tech - The 5 Coolest from CES 2016

CJ Miozzi | 26 Jan 2016 21:30
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Honorable Mentions

The MSI Vortex: Amidst a slew of impressive laptops, graphics cards and motherboards, including a combo graphics card that comes with a Corsair case fan attached to it, MSI showed off an upgradable gaming tower with a unique design, dual SLI graphics support, and a 360 degree silent cooling system.

The Corsair Bulldog & Lapdog: The Bulldog is a 4k-ready gaming system for your living room, and the Lapdog is an ergonomic surface for your keyboard and mouse that you can rest on your lap while sitting on the couch. It was surprisingly light and comfortable!

Moving Hazard: An upcoming PvP zombie FPS game with a twist: the zombies can be weaponized in various ways against other players. While zombies may be overdone, I feel the ideas in this game are different enough to give it a shot - we'll just have to see how well they execute on their novel concepts.

Razer Blade Stealth & Core, and Stargazer: Razer had some great tech on display this year, including the Razer Blade Stealth, a powerful yet incredibly light gaming laptop that can be superpowered with the Razer Core, a mini-tower addon that turns it into a full-on gaming PC. There was also the Stargazer, a webcam with built-in gesture and facial expression recognition, as well as the ability to dynamically remove backgrounds without the need of a green screen. Impressive stuff!


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