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10 Stunning Space Videos Direct from NASA

CJ Miozzi | 21 May 2014 12:00
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From high-resolution satellite photographs of our planet to ultraviolet imagery of the Sun, NASA and the high-tech tools in its arsenal has produced a number of spectacular videos over the years. Some are historical, others enlightening, and some are simply stunning to behold.

Here are 10 NASA videos that you must see.

Set Fire to the Rain

NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory captured this footage of what some may call the universe's deadliest rainbow. More than just an optical illusion, this fiery loop consists of actual material raining down onto the Sun.

If the rain's pattern reminds you of Earth's magnetic field, it should. What we're looking at is material that erupted out of the Sun and into space, cooling within the Sun's atmosphere - or corona - and falling back in the form of plasma along magnetic field lines. We call this phenomenon coronal rain.

The footage shows the Earth to offer a sense of the impressive scale of the fiery loop, which could have more than enveloped our planet. Each second in the video represents six minutes of real time.

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