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5 Faster-Than-Light Travel Methods and Their Plausibility

CJ Miozzi | 18 Jun 2014 15:00
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2. Jump Drive

Seen in such works as Battlestar Galactica, a jump drive allows for instantaneous teleportation between two points. Similar to a hyperdrive, coordinates must be calculated to ensure a safe jump; the longer the desired travel distance, the more complex the calculation. In theory, there is no limit to how far a jump can take a ship, but an incorrect calculation may result in a catastrophic collision with a planet or space debris.

The Dune universe's FTL, based on the fictional "Holtzman effect," can also be considered a jump drive.

Is it plausible?

Master of hard sci-fi Isaac Asimov was the first to suggest the idea of a jump drive in the Foundation series, which lends some credibility to the idea. However, most fiction doesn't clearly explain the principles of physics that allow for this teleportation, making it impossible to claim a jump drive as plausible. However, if it functions by opening a wormhole...

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