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9 Things That Would Actually Happen to a Superhero Exposed to Radiation or Mutagen

CJ Miozzi | 6 Aug 2014 17:50
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6. Gain the power of... Radiation poisoning!

What happens if the damage is severe enough to outright kill the cell, rather than just leave it damaged? Terrible, terrible things.

Radiation-induced cancer is a slow killer, but exposure to high amounts of radiation can lead to immediate, striking symptoms which can present themselves within an hour or two after exposure and last for months. If the dose of radiation is small enough, the best you can hope for is nausea, vomiting, bleeding, and increased risk of infection. But larger doses can damage your brain and even lead to a swift death. And no, you will not be able to reconstruct yourself as some form of blue-skinned demigod.

7. Gain the power of... Cognitive decline!

Not only will radiation not give you awesome mind powers, it can actually impair your mind's ability to do what it normally does. Some cancer patients who have undergone radiation therapy to shrink tumors have experienced deficits in their memory, ability to learn, and spatial processing.

Radiation won't turn you into a super-genius - in fact, it will decrease your IQ. These effects were most dramatically seen in children who underwent radiation therapy, with IQ dropping by several points not just after treatment, but year after year after treatment stopped as well.

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