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7 Famous Warships That Ruled the Modern Seas

CJ Miozzi | 20 Aug 2014 17:00
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HMS Hood (51)

Claim to fame: Pride of the Royal Navy; destroyed by the Bismarck.

Launched in 1918, the Hood was the largest battlecruiser ever built and the Royal Navy's last constructed battlecruiser - a capital ship similar to a battleship, but faster and less armored.

In May of 1941, Hood and the battleship Prince of Wales were ordered to intercept the Bismarck and its accompanying heavy cruiser Prinz Eugen. While the Royal Navy knew that the Hood's armor was outclassed by WW2-era battleships, she was one of the few available "big gun" vessels that could catch the Bismarck. In the ensuing battle, the Bismarck landed a blow that caused the Hood's aft magazine to explode, sinking her in three minutes. 1418 men were aboard the Hood when she sank; only three survived.

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