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Five Weirdest Weather Phenomena on Alien Planets

CJ Miozzi | 11 Apr 2014 13:00
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The catastrophic hurricane that won't end

Hurricane Katrina, the costliest natural disaster in the history of the United States, ravaged the country for several days in 2005 with winds reaching up to 175 mph and extending 120 miles from its center. Jupiter has an infamous hurricane of its own that has been raging for centuries. With wind speeds of almost 270 mph - faster than any ever recorded on Earth - this hurricane was once large enough to swallow up the Earth, Venus, and Mars: the Great Red Spot.

Despite its name, the Great Red Spot's color changes from a brick-red to a pale salmon, sometimes even blanching to white. What exactly causes the reddish color remains a mystery, but some theories suggest it is material dredged up from Jupiter's surface, or one of its deeper gas layers.

For the past century, the Great Red Spot has been shrinking, and no one knows whether this is the result of normal fluctuations or a sign that this colossal storm is slowly coming to an end. But even if it does die out, its legacy will live on through the Oval BA - also known as the Little Red Spot. First seen in 2000, the Little Red Spot - which is the size of the Earth - has been getting stronger...

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